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Happy Birthday Mommy!

.“Happ-ee bir-day momma!” This is what I heard over and over again from Ryan today. And it never got old. Every time he said it was just as sweet and cute as the last time. Ryan got mommy a Dr. Suess Circus book and Owen got mommy a home-made baby food book. Both were very […]

Two Year Old Language…

.I love listening to Ryan talk. He is becoming so good at it and jabbers away all day long. He is at a point where you can have conversations with him and reason with him. Granted, he doesn’t always understand the outcome of his “reasonings” but none-the-less it’s cute. For example, the other day on […]

A Trip to the Zoo….Brrr!

.When I let Delta out this morning, the sun was shining, the birds chirping and I couldn’t help but think it was a perfect February day to head to the zoo! So while Owen did a little tummy time and Ryan worked on another masterpiece, mommy & daddy got ready for the zoo! After packing […]

Mommy & Ryan Go On a Date to the Circus….

.Ryan and Mommy decided to go on a date day to the circus. We said bye-bye to daddy and Owie and off we went to enjoy a fun day. We got there early to enjoy the pre-show where we could down on the circus floor to see the elephants and clowns and other circus acts. […]

Happy Valentine's Day!

.Ryan had to stay up late on Thursday night and finish all of his Valentine’s for his party at school on Friday. He procrastinated and didn’t finish in time so he sacrificed bathtime for the last minute touches on his Valentine goodie bags for his friends and teachers. He even helped Owen with his. Time […]

Ryan's New Big Boy Bed!

.A few weeks ago Ryan got a big boy bed. Well a semi big boy bed anyway. We took the front of his crib off and turned it into a toddler bed. He loves it!I was a little worried that it would disrupt our bedtime routine and since he wasn’t climbing out of his crib […]

25 Things About Me….

.Ok, so since I receive this from so many people on Facebook, I finally decided to complete my 25 Things About Me list. And since it took so long to think of all 25 things I figured I might as well post it on our blog as well. Enjoy!1. My full name is Jean Ann […]

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