Happy Birthday Dad-dad!!!

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It’s been a rough week in the Yahres household. On Wednesday Owen went to the doctor for a sick visit and it turned out that he had an ear infection which ruptured as well as bronchitis again. So, we’re back on the nebulizer with two different medicines this time. Owen is also on ammoxicillian and ear drops as well. He had to stay out of school the rest of the week, but you’d never know the kid was sick. He was happy, laughing and playing; his normal little self. The only reason we even knew he was sick was because he stopped drinking his bottles which is a sure sign of an ear infection.

This morning, just as we thought Owen was improving, Ryan starts screaming and crying that his ear hurt. He woke up fine and was playing and happy. Then out of nowhere he started screaming, got a fever and became extra clingy. I made a quick sick visit appointment (thankfully they are open on Saturdays!) and we were off to the doctor for the second time in three days.

Sure enough, Ryan has the same ruptured ear infection that Owen had. So, back to Target Pharmacy to fill even more prescriptions. Luckily Ryan isn’t on the nebulizer, but has ear drops for both ears as well as ammoxicillian

Luckily with all the sickies in our house, Granddad and Grandmom were still able to come over for a yummy birthday dinner. Even with Ryan being all sick, he still kept asking for “dad-dad” and wanted him to come over. He was so excited when the doorbell rang and ran straight for the door to see “dad-dad.”

After dinner, Ryan sang “happy birday, dad-dad” and helped him blow out the candles on his cake. He was so excited and proud of himself “awesome Ryan!”

Owen just sat back and watched the whole ordeal in amazement. He can’t wait till he can have some cake too!!

Several pieces of cake and lots of frosting later, Ryan and Granddad read bedtime stories and we all sang songs. A favorite in the Yahres household is “wees, wees bus momma” “wees, wees bus” which translates to many, many, MANY courses of The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round. We also practiced counting, saying our ABCs and identifying our colors.

And since it was way past the sick boy’s bedtime, he had to say “night-night” to Grandad and Grandmom and head upstairs. But not before he gave out lots of hugs and kisses and “happy birday dad-dad” wishes.

We hope you have a very happy birthday Dad-dad!! We love you lots

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