Owen's First Haircut (Ryan Had One Too!)

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Yes, Owen is only 5 months old and already required a haircut. He was born with a lot of it and never really lost any of it so at 5 months it was getting long and would stand straight up most days. He has had a lot of bad hairdays for being such a little guy still.
At first Owen wasn’t too sure to think about the whole process. He closed his eyes tightly when daddy sprayed the water on his head, but didn’t seem to mind the actual cutting part. Daddy figured since he has been getting his own hair cut for years, he knew how to cut little boy’s hair as well. Not sure if that logic is valid, but whatever! It was saving us from bundling two kids up, venturing out and paying a fortune to get haircuts for them. So why not?!

Owen kept trying to see what daddy was doing and wanted to make sure he was cutting straight. He said he didn’t want to look goofy at school on Monday.

Ryan was also a little concerned with what daddy was doing to Owen. He looked confused and a little annoyed as well. Mommy spent her time trying to “capture the moment” on camera so she could later (much later) scrapbook Owen’s first haircut. She was also trying to collect all the hair that daddy was cutting off in order to save the sweet, soft baby hairs of Owen.

Seriously daddy?! Or as Ryan would say “Cheriously daddee” Is this the way you are going to leave it?! Are you kidding me? I thought my bad hair days were over?!

Mommy to the rescue. Daddy did a great job cutting it, but he sure can’t style it!

Next it was Ryan’s turn. 6-7 haircuts into his youth, Ryan has figured out that he gets lollipops at haircuts. He didn’t care that we were at home; he still wanted his lollipop. This is the only way he will sit still and allow his hair to be cut, so whatever. We had already eaten breakfast; it was ok to have candy at 8:30am 🙂 Prior to the lollipop, Ryan ended up with a few crooked cuts due to squirminess so the lollipop was a saviour.

I think daddy just found himself a new job in our household. He saved us time, energy and money by doing this himself and it didn’t look too bad at all. Good job daddy! Or as Ryan would say “Awesome daddee!”
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