Owen Starts School Tomorrow…

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Owen is going to his first day at Sunbrook Academy tomorrow morning. I’m so lucky and thankful that he’s been able to be at home with me for the first 5 months of his life. I’ve enjoyed every minute having him with me even though it makes working very stressful and causes me to put in alot of hours “after work hours” getting extra work things done.

I know he’s ready to go to school and will enjoy it so much. He LOVES to watch Ryan play and is so amused with all of the kids in Ryan’s class when we pick him up from school each day. The teachers are awesome and I know they’ll give him the extra TLC he needs as he adjusts to his new routine.

Tonight, we spent the evening getting Owen ready for his big day. We took a bath and splashed and had some fun while getting clean.

We even tried out several hairdos….

And with that last hairdo, I received the “Seriously momma. I am not having fun playing your reindeer games anymore. This is NOT making me excited for school tomorrow” look. And learning my lesson already with this “look” I decided to quit while I was ahead since it was just me and the boys tonight (Daddy’s working). I didn’t want to press my luck with any tempertantrums from either kiddo.

So we dried off and it was upstairs to read some stories; some of which momma read and some of which Ryan read. Owen had a bottle and tucked in for the night. He is all snug in his fleece jammies dreaming of his first day at Sunbrook. Ryan and I reassured Owen before dozing off that Ms. Tywana and Ryan would come and check on him throughout the day tomorrow so he had nothing to fear.

Here I come – watch out class! There’s a new kid starting tomorrow!

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