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Happy Birthday Dad-dad!!!

.It’s been a rough week in the Yahres household. On Wednesday Owen went to the doctor for a sick visit and it turned out that he had an ear infection which ruptured as well as bronchitis again. So, we’re back on the nebulizer with two different medicines this time. Owen is also on ammoxicillian and […]

Up Close & Personal….

.Get up close and personal with Owen Henry Yahres….

Owen's First Haircut (Ryan Had One Too!)

. Yes, Owen is only 5 months old and already required a haircut. He was born with a lot of it and never really lost any of it so at 5 months it was getting long and would stand straight up most days. He has had a lot of bad hairdays for being such a […]

Owen Starts School Tomorrow…

.Owen is going to his first day at Sunbrook Academy tomorrow morning. I’m so lucky and thankful that he’s been able to be at home with me for the first 5 months of his life. I’ve enjoyed every minute having him with me even though it makes working very stressful and causes me to put […]

Sometimes We Just Want to be Silly….

.Some days are good days…. And then there are days when we just want to be grumpy…. Some days are messy…. And other days are “bad hair days”…. There are days we like being brothers…. And other days when we just don’t care and we ignore our little brothers…. There are days when Delta can […]

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