Mommy Meltdown….

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So today, Ryan tested my patience. And he won.

The day started out fairly normal with everyone waking around 7:45am. Both Owen and Ryan got dressed and had breakfast & bottles with no trouble. I have had a bad cold which turned into a really, really bad earache over the weekend so I had a doctor appointment this morning to get some medicine. Daddy was going golfing in Big Canoe with Grandad for the day, but I wasn’t too worried. Both boys have been good lately and I didn’t think twice about having them alone all day and having to go to the doctor with them. Granted my appointment was during Owen’s naptime and Ryan’s lunch, but still… not too worried.

The doctor appointment went fine; Owen slept through it like a champ and Ryan was such a good boy. I left with 5 prescriptions and we headed home for lunch and Ryan’s nap. Still, all was well.

When Ryan woke up we were going to head to Target to fill my prescriptions and this is when the day took a turn for the worse. Ryan was in a “naughty mood” trying to get into trouble. You can see his little mind racing as he looks around a room for something to get into that he isn’t suppose to. He locked himself in the bathroom and when I didn’t answer to his “momma” calls he started shouting “Jean!” over and over and over again. It was actually pretty cute and I still had patience at this point so I laughed. Then he took a chair from the table over to the counter and tried to get stuff down that he wasn’t suppose to touch (cell phone, camera, snacks, etc). Then he tried to stand on Owen’s Bumbo to reach the top of Owen’s swing so he could turn it on. Finally, I got Owen in his carseat and Ryan’s shoes on and we were off to Target.

Ryan FREAKS out when the sun shines in his eyes and of course it was shining at him the entire way to Target so he was mad by the time we got there. Then he absolutely, positively, REFUSED to get out of the car. I could not unbuckle him from his carseat. He was flailing and squirming and screaming.

Of course, this wasn’t making Owen happy so he started fussing and crying too. Then the people we parked next to came back to their vehicle and wanted to get in. After much persuasion along with kicking, hitting and screaming I got Ryan out and we were heading into the store. I was carrying a carseat with an 18 pound child and also carrying Ryan because when I would try to get him to walk he would curl up on the ground in a ball and refused to move. Yep! Tons of fun.

Once in Target, the kicking, flailing, screaming and crying continued. I tried time-out in Target. That didn’t work. I tried to put him in the cart and he would just climb out. I even tried the threaten of “we’re going to leave” and much to my surprise Ryan clapped his hands and said, “Yea! Go home!!” Oh good grief. I just wanted my prescriptions filled so my head didn’t feel like it was about to explode.

I’ll admit, I had tears in my eyes I was so frustrated. If you have ever tried to deal with a 2 year old tantrum in public you will complete sympathize with me on this one. And to top it off, I had Owen with me and shopping carts are not built for a toddler and a carseat. Finally, I got Owen’s carseat to fit in the buggy part and Ryan strapped into the seat portion. Yes, strapped in and on top of that I had to hold his legs and arms so he couldn’t kick and flail.

The rest of the evening was not much better, but at least we were home and not in a public place. I can leave the room at home when he pitches a terrible two year old fit, but in public it’s a little different. It’s much less fun.

So after an exhausting day, I took a warm bath, wrote all of Ryan’s birthday thank you’s and all of our Christmas thank you’s and I’m calling it a night. There are no fun, cute little pictures to add to this post although I’m sure you’d all find photos of our Target adventure amusing. At this point, with my two sweet boys in bed for the night, I might even smile at seeing what we went through…..

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