Merry Christmas….

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Where has the year gone?! I cannot believe that Christmas came and went already. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the holidays this year. For some reason, last year, I was ready to take down all the decorations and have the holidays be over. This year, we put up our decorations before Thanksgiving and I’m dreading taking them down. I love our house this year with the tree and garland and lights. I even love our over-the-top outdoor decorations.

Ryan and Owen had a great Christmas. We went up to Big Canoe on Christmas Eve and spent the day/evening with Jim’s family. It was such a great time, as usual. We went to church and Ryan was a Shepard boy and Megan was an Angel. During the service they called all angels and Shepard boys to the alter and Ryan willingly went up with Grandad. Shortly after getting settled in “his” spot, he looked out at the audience and lost it. Big crocodile tears came flowing down with a frantic “momma” being shouted from the Shepard boy. Megan did great, but looked like she got a little bored by the end.

After church we all went back to Grandad’s and had Grandmom Janice’s yummy lasagna for dinner. Ryan gobbled it up as did mommy and daddy. Following dinner we decorated Christmas cookies and Auntie Kelly helped Ryan with his. He had fun decorating them, but even more fun eating them!! After everyone was finished and headed over to the tree to open presents, we found Ryan still sitting at the table patiently and quietly eating more cookies. He never stops amazing us with his sweet, funny personality. The kid just cracks us up.

It took a little convincing, but Ryan finally came over to open presents. Both him and Owen got a lot of great things and have been enjoying playing with them all over the last few days.

After an exhausting day, we headed home to wait for Santa’s arrival. Both boys slept in and mommy actually had to wake Owen the next morning at 8:30 so we could open presents. I know there won’t be many more years of that happening on Christmas morning!

We opened stockings in Ryan’s room as Owen had his morning bottle. I think Ryan was a little confused with what was going on, but as soon as he got out of his crib and spotted the presents under the tree, he bolted straight for the ATV 4wheeler from Ga-Ma.

Both Ryan and Owen had a blast opening presents. Ryan wanted to play with everything immediately (“open momma, open”). Owen studied each gift carefully as if he was ready the age limit and directions on how to play with them. I loved the concerned look he would get; this one must not have been age appropriate.

Ryan Skyped with Ga-Ma and showed her how he rides his ATV. He loves calling her and asks about 20 times a day to “call Ga-Ma momma” and when I say, “Not right now Ryan” he always responds with a matter-of-fact, “Oh. Ga-Ma seeping (sleeping). Night-night Ga-Ma.” We tell him that Grandma is sleeping when he wakes up in the morning and wants to call her at 6am CST. Now he thinks she’s sleeping everytime we say we can’t call her.

Grandad and Grandmom came over for dinner on Christmas day and as always Ryan enjoyed having them over. We all played with the new toys and laughed and had a great time.

Overall, what a great, great holiday. We couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas.

We wish all of our family and friends a happy, healthy New Year.

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