Jump, Jump, Jump!!!

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Ryan had a very busy weekend this past weekend. It started with his school holiday party on Friday afternoon where they ate lots of yummy food and had a book exchange amongst all the kids in his class.

When we got home from the party Grandma Ellie and Great Granny arrived from PA to help celebrate Ryan’s birthday party weekend. He LOVED having them both here and was quite the little charmer (and showoff!).

Then on Saturday it was the big party day!! He took a great nap and off we went to KangaZoom to jump with all of his friends. We had about 18 little kiddos and 30+ adults. It was a ton of fun and the kids jumped and jumped and jumped. Ryan was so excited to see everyone and had a blast playing with all of his little friends.

He became quite the little pro at the big slide too! He climbs up all by himself and goes down without another thought. The kid has NO fear!!

After the jumping, Ryan got to ride in the “birthday car” and boy was he excited. As soon as they brought it into the room, he jumped right in with the biggest grin on his face. Addie came running over to check out the stud muffin driving. He explains to her that they’ll drive off into the sunset together…..

As soon as all the kids got in line, Ryan led the parade by driving the birthday car to the party room where we had snacks and cake and juice.

It was great to have the party outside of the house this year. As we left the party room and saw what a mess 18 little toddlers can make, I was relieved that the mess was there for someone else to clean up. Especially since Mommy was sick with a cold and was starting to feel miserable.

Grandad and Grandmom Janice and Grandma Ellie and Great Granny all came back to the house for dinner and to help Ryan open his gifts. He got so many great toys; he is one lucky little boy.

And all Owen has to say about it all is that he can’t wait for the hand-me-downs……

Sunday was a quiet day around the Yahres house. Grandma Ellie and Great Granny spent the day with us and Ryan enjoyed being lazy (stayed in his pjs until after naptime!) and played with all of his new toys. Ryan and Owen had a babysitter (thanks Melissa!) on Sunday evening and Great Granny took mommy and daddy out to a nice kid-free dinner. It was such a great dinner; we really enjoyed the company, atmosphere and food. Thanks again Great Granny!!

It was such a great weekend. Minus the split lip (Ryan fell against the bathtub and cut his lip), the many poop explosions (thanks O-wee! Mommy still doesn’t think it’s funny even though you laugh and laugh when you do it) and mommy and daddy being sickies. Other than that, it was great! Ryan couldn’t have had more fun. He loved having his Ga-ma visit and was just such a little charmer.
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