Happy 2nd Birthday Ryan!!!

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Ryan has been walking around singing, “Happy birthday Ryan!” for a few days now. He loves all of the attention that he has been getting and was very excited today when mommy, daddy and Owen came to school for snack time. Of course, you would never know that with this photo…

Naptime is from 12noon – 2pm at school. Ryan has been rebelling lately and won’t go down for a nap. Some days he naps and some days he doesn’t. Today he ended up falling asleep, but not until just before it was time to get up. I showed up at school with cake and was ready to party with the two year olds, but Ryan was still sound asleep. All of his classmates were awake and sitting at the table waiting to eat, but the birthday boy was still zonked out.

With a little prompting though he woke up and was ready for cake. Ms. Fawzia made Ryan a crown to wear for his “birthday party” and he loved it. The whole class sang Happy Birthday to Ryan and he just sat there with a smug little look on his face. He LOVED it!!

While Ryan was busy licking the frosting from his fingers, his little friends were patiently waiting for their pieces.

And this table was getting a little annoyed waiting on their cake. Poor Morgan looks completely bored because it’s taking so long.

Ryan had a great day and cannot wait for his birthday party at KangaZoom on Saturday! Get ready to JUMP!

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