Aaaaaaah…. Um!

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As usual I was trying to multi-task tonight. I had Owen in his bouncy chair and was feeding him in between cooking dinner. Ryan was hanging out in the kitchen playing with some toys.

Behind me I hear, “Aaaaaah…. Um! O-wee, um! Aaaaaah, open O-wee.”

I turn around to find Ryan standing on my kitchen chair with a spoonful of Owen’s cereal trying to get Owen to open his mouth so he can insert the spoon.

When Ryan caught me watching him feeding his brother, he got all bashful and explained, “Feed O-wee momma. Um!”

“Um!” is what he tells us when he wants a taste of something. He loves to eat whatever we eat; especially whatever Daddy has. We even found out he does this to his teachers at school. Ms. Tywana (aka Wana) has to share all of her food with Ryan because he follows her around saying, “Um! Bite Wana. Um!”

Being the good big brother that he is, he was looking out for his little bro and trying to keep the food coming since momma was busy cooking.

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