Ryan's Big Date with Addie and the Fishies….

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Ryan and Addie had a date to the Georgia Aquarium on Sunday morning. All morning, Ryan ran around the house telling us, “Addie fishie!” and smacking his lips together making a fish face and fish sounds. He was so excited to go spend the morning with daddy, Addie and Mr. Jim (Addie’s daddy).

Addie and Ryan got to see alot of fish and had fun running around. Apparantely Ryan was really excited over the jellyfish; check out his profile with his mouth open screaming in excitement.

Here he is in typical “Ryan” mode studying the jellyfish so contently. Great Grandma Berg always says how she loves Ryan’s attention to details and how he takes his surroundings in.

Everyone enjoyed checking out the big wall of fish. Again Ryan studied them all.

Ryan realizes that there is a diver at the top of the tank. Here he spots the diver and backs away from the wall of fish.

He was VERY concerned about the diver in the water with the fish and wouldn’t get near the diver or the tank!

After several hours of running around the aquarium, I’m not sure who was more tired… daddy and Mr. Jim or Ryan and Addie!

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