Brunch with Santa….

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We sure are getting our fill of Santa this year. Our third visit with the big guy was this morning at our neighborhood Santa Brunch. Every year the neighborhood hosts a brunch at the Clubhouse for all the little ones in the neighborhood. We couldn’t go last year because it was the same day as Ryan’s 1st birthday party.

The boys got all dressed up in their cute little coordinating outfits and off we went to see Santa again. Owen looked seriously handsome with his blonde fuzzy hair, big blue eyes and sweet little smile.

On our way to the Clubhouse we ran into Addie, Ryan’s little girlfriend. The two of them are just so funny together. They both get so excited to see each other and just LOVE being together. Ryan looks SO proud holding Addie’s hand….

He really does love Addie. I have to bribe him daily when we are getting ready to go to school, “If we hurry and get dressed we can see Addie.” When he’s begging to watch Elmo on the car ride home from school (an entire 2 mile ride), I tell him, “We’re almost to Addie’s house and maybe she’s outside. Watch for her.” And when he’s getting into mischief and not listening, I have to say, “If you can be good while Mommy’s making dinner, we’ll go for a walk and see if Addie is outside.” Yes, I admit I bribe my 2 year old, but he LOVES Addie and it always works!

Ryan was much more comfortable with Santa today. Although, he still wouldn’t sit on Santa’s lap, he did give him a high five very willingly.

He also spotted the candy canes and kept trying to sneak one out of Santa’s little bucket. He doesn’t quit get that Santa knows when he’s being “naughty and nice” and sneaking candy canes away from Santa would fall under the “naughty” category.

Here is a photo of Addie and her mommy, Jenn. Addie has a brand new sister (only 12 days old) so before long Sidney and Owen will be running around together just like Ryan and Addie do now.

But for now, I love my two boys at the ages they are now. I love that Owen has started to laugh and that he watches Ryan very closely. He loves to “jump” in his jumperoo and can roll up onto his side (almost making it all the way over). I love how much Ryan loves his baby brother and will go get him toys to play with, new diapers when he needs to be changed and the first thing out of Ryan’s mouth in the mornings is “baby O-wee, baby O-wee.” Ryan is always very concerned with where Owen is and what he is doing.

We hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday season as much as we are. Merry Christmas!

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