High Five Santa….

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Our second Santa visit went a little better than the first. Ryan’s school had an Open House on Thursday evening with a special visit from Santa Claus. At first he was terrified and would not go near Santa, but with a little prompting from mommy, daddy, Owen and Ms. Tywana (his teacher) he FINALLY got close enough to give Santa a high five.

Even though Santa was really skinny, he was great with Ryan. He talked to him and made him a little more comfortable with the whole “Santa situation.” We thought that Ryan might finally sit on his lap, but as you can he did not like this idea too much. Owen just looked at him like, “Come on bro. It’s Santa!! How can you be scared of Santa?!”

But Ryan was scared so Owen just enjoyed his time and told Santa everything he was hoping for under the tree. He just sat there looking around; not afraid in the least. I’m sure next year will be a different situation though.
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