Santa and the Pink Pig….

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Ryan is loving the Christmas season so far! We have a lit up snowman in our front yard and Ryan has to say hello, goodbye and night night to it every day as we come and go from the house. He loves the Choo-choo that goes around the tree. He loves to look at the Christmas tree and tell us over and over again “Elmo way up!” For those of you who don’t know… Ryan LOVES Elmo right now. Jim bought two ornaments for Ryan this year; one is Big Bird and one is Elmo. Big Bird is plastic and is on the lower part of the tree where he can see and touch him, but Elmo is glass so he is way up on the tree. Ryan tells us this every day…. “Elmo way up!”

Last night we decided to take the boys to see Santa. We thought this would make for a cute Christmas card this year. We dressed them up; bundled them and off we went to see Santa. We waited in line for a LONG time and Ryan was so excited to see him. All the way through the line he would clap his hands and say “Yea Santa!” Owen also seemed amused with everything going on.

Finally it was our turn to sit on Santa’s lap. And Ryan had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it. He flat out refused to get near Santa. Nope; no Santa. No part of it. If we got him too close to Santa, he would arch his back and body away from Santa so that no part of him was touching Santa. So I sat in a few of the pictures thinking maybe he’d warm up to the idea, but as soon as I tried to get down and put Ryan down (standing, not sitting or touching Santa), he would freak again. We gave up.

Owen on the other hand LOVED Santa!! He was all smiles and cooing and watching him. He got some great photos with the Big Man and they were the ones we ended up purchasing. Owen’s first Christmas and he was an absolute delight waiting in line, sitting with Santa and smiling for the photos.

After Santa turned out to be only semi-successful (and still no Christmas card photo) we decided to head over and ride the Pink Pig at Macy’s. Ryan loves choo-choo trains so were hoping this would go a little better.

It started off a little rocky with Owen having to sit by himself next to mommy; he couldn’t ride on my lap. Did I mention he’s not even 4 months old?!?!? Ryan and Daddy were *squeezed* into a small a little seat and Ryan was not thrilled with how much room daddy’s bottom side was taking up in their car.

But once the ride started both boys were completely silent and totally amazed with the ride. They LOVED it!!

It was a lot of fun and all-in-all they were really good boys. We didn’t get a photo of Owen AND Ryan with Santa, but we still have a few weeks to try…

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