Poor Delta….

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One thing you may know about me is how I love to sell things on Craigslist! I hate having too much clutter around the house and storing things that we aren’t using. Why store it when someone else could be using it?! I’ve even sold our kitchen sink!!

With another little guy in the house, I have realized how crowded our front room is. It’s a combo living room / dining room and it’s our toy area as well. We had a lot of big furniture in this room along with oodles of Ryan’s toys and now all of Owen’s as well. So I decided it was time to get rid of the oversized couch and loveseat that we had in here and I’m going to replace it with a smaller loveseat in order to open the room up.

This couch/loveseat was the only furniture that Delta was allowed up on. We sold it last night and today has been a tough morning for Delta. She is wandering away completely lost and has no idea where to go, what to do, or where to sleep. She looks so sad……

At one point she became really quiet so I went to find her and here is where she decided to take her nap…. in Owen’s bouncy chair!! This cracked me up; of course she got booted out of it, but not before I took a few photos.

Poor Delta!
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