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Mommy Meltdown….

.So today, Ryan tested my patience. And he won. The day started out fairly normal with everyone waking around 7:45am. Both Owen and Ryan got dressed and had breakfast & bottles with no trouble. I have had a bad cold which turned into a really, really bad earache over the weekend so I had a […]

Merry Christmas….

.Where has the year gone?! I cannot believe that Christmas came and went already. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the holidays this year. For some reason, last year, I was ready to take down all the decorations and have the holidays be over. This year, we put up our decorations before Thanksgiving and I’m […]

Ryan's Two Year & Owen's 4 Month Well Visits

.Ryan had his two year well check today and Owen had his 4 month well check today. It was absolutely insane having two doctor visits at one time for two different kiddos. I thought it would be easier to do it all at once, but I’m going to rethink that next time. Ryan was 27 […]

Jump, Jump, Jump!!!

.Ryan had a very busy weekend this past weekend. It started with his school holiday party on Friday afternoon where they ate lots of yummy food and had a book exchange amongst all the kids in his class. When we got home from the party Grandma Ellie and Great Granny arrived from PA to help […]

Happy 2nd Birthday Ryan!!!

.Ryan has been walking around singing, “Happy birthday Ryan!” for a few days now. He loves all of the attention that he has been getting and was very excited today when mommy, daddy and Owen came to school for snack time. Of course, you would never know that with this photo… Naptime is from 12noon […]

Aaaaaaah…. Um!

.As usual I was trying to multi-task tonight. I had Owen in his bouncy chair and was feeding him in between cooking dinner. Ryan was hanging out in the kitchen playing with some toys. Behind me I hear, “Aaaaaah…. Um! O-wee, um! Aaaaaah, open O-wee.” I turn around to find Ryan standing on my kitchen […]

Ryan's Big Date with Addie and the Fishies….

.Ryan and Addie had a date to the Georgia Aquarium on Sunday morning. All morning, Ryan ran around the house telling us, “Addie fishie!” and smacking his lips together making a fish face and fish sounds. He was so excited to go spend the morning with daddy, Addie and Mr. Jim (Addie’s daddy). Addie and […]

Brunch with Santa….

. We sure are getting our fill of Santa this year. Our third visit with the big guy was this morning at our neighborhood Santa Brunch. Every year the neighborhood hosts a brunch at the Clubhouse for all the little ones in the neighborhood. We couldn’t go last year because it was the same day […]

High Five Santa….

.Our second Santa visit went a little better than the first. Ryan’s school had an Open House on Thursday evening with a special visit from Santa Claus. At first he was terrified and would not go near Santa, but with a little prompting from mommy, daddy, Owen and Ms. Tywana (his teacher) he FINALLY got […]

Santa and the Pink Pig….

.Ryan is loving the Christmas season so far! We have a lit up snowman in our front yard and Ryan has to say hello, goodbye and night night to it every day as we come and go from the house. He loves the Choo-choo that goes around the tree. He loves to look at the […]

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