Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our family and friends. We couldn’t be more thankful for each and every one of you in our lives. And while we couldn’t spend Thanksgiving with everyone, we did want to share our day with you…..

We spent the day in Big Canoe, GA with Jim’s side of the family. It was loud; it was chaotic; there were tears; there were kids and adults everywhere… it couldn’t have been more perfect. The food was delicious; the weather was wonderful and having the whole family together was so much fun.

At each holiday when all the grandkids are there, we “attempt” to take a photo of them together. I’m not sure we’ve ever gotten a picture with all the kids looking at the camera let alone all of them smiling. Typically we have at least one in tears (if not a few) and sometimes we don’t even get all of them in the picture. But we try. I have to share several of the photos from today because you can’t really appreciate it unless you can see several of them together and notice missing kids; some tears; kids moving around; some funny faces; some adults in each of the photos. I love it!!

This year we also went for a family walk after dinner. Big Canoe is amazing and Granddad Jim and Grandmom Janice live right off of the hiking trail. Today was the perfect day to take a walk with the warm temps and falling leaves. Well, it wasn’t a perfect day for everyone….

Aunt Kelly was wearing high heels so she ended up walking barefoot (in Chase’s socks) when Chase wasn’t carrying her on his back that is….
Ryan hadn’t napped all day so at the end he just sat down on the trail and refused to go any further.

Owen LOVED it though. We didn’t hear a peep out of him the entire walk. He was as content as could be in his Baby Bjorn.
But nonetheless, we all had a great time. Ryan especially loved walking with dad-dad (Granddad) and Dadd-ee (daddy).

He also stopped and picked up almost every rock and acorn he came across and put them in his pocket. That made for a much longer walk because he couldn’t put the rocks/acorns in his pocket as he walked so he had to stop each time.

And this was the last part of our family hike…. and the hardest part. We took a shortcut through the woods and straight up the hill to Granddad’s house (in the background of the first picture). With Ryan in daddy’s arms and Owen in mom’s…. we were feeling the burn by the time we made it to the top!!

I just love these two photos of Ryan and daddy climbing the hill though. So sweet.

Both boys slept all the way home and are now cozy in their cribs. And Owen would like to tell everyone that he enjoyed his first family holiday in Big Canoe!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope your day was as wonderful and perfect as ours was…..

P.S. – There are more photos from the day if you click on the Yahres Family Photos link in the right margin and view the photos in the 11.08 November 2008 folder. Enjoy!!

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