Dear Santa….

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Dear Santa, I would like a big truck, matchbox cars, trains and something for my little brother this year. I am almost always a good boy and when I do go to time out I always end it with a “charree” (sorry) and give my mommy and daddy hugs and kisses to prove I won’t do it again. Or at least I will try not to do it again. Or at least I won’t do it again in the next 15 minutes. Well, I’ll try not to anyway. And Santa, I also promise to stop calling you a snowman and start calling you Santa. Love, Ryan
Christmas decorating came a little early this year in the Yahres house. Ryan and Owen were sick over the weekend so we confined ourselves to the house. By Sunday we were bored out of our mind and needed something fun and exciting to do so daddy suggested decorating for Christmas. Yea!! The house looks so pretty with all the lights and decorations. Ryan was a big helper (as always) and really enjoyed putting all the bells on the Christmas tree.

Little O-wee (Owen) hung out in his bouncy seat and santa hat while Mommy & Ryan worked hard. Daddy was the house photographer and videographer. Plus he did the hard part and put the tree together.

Lucy hung out under the tree.

All in all it was a great day and wonderful way to take our minds off of our “sickie” boys. Ryan is at such a fun age this year with all the holidays. But for some reason he really thinks that Santa is a snowman. Granted he also thinks an actual snowman is a snowman, but in his mind, Santa is also a snowman. I’m not sure where that came from since we just started talking about Christmas, but we read Christmas books every day so hopefully he’ll realize soon who Santa actually is. You have to love the mind of a 2 year old! Well, almost 2 year old….

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