Heavy Daddy… Heavy….

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I love this time of year! The leaves are changing colors, the weather is turning cooler and it’s time to start building fires. Over the last few years in our house, we have definitely enjoyed the cozy, warm fires and look forward to having one almost every night.

This year daddy had a helper carrying in all the firewood. Ryan worked very hard carrying the firewood with daddy. He was so proud of himself carrying the big, heavy pieces of wood from the van to the garage. He even had the grunts and groans to go along with the “uh, heavy, daddy, uh, heavy.” It was priceless.

Well thank you Ryan and daddy for all of your hard work. We are now enjoying the cozy fires each night!

This one must have been extra heavy because it took both daddy and Ryan to carry it!

Owen has it all figured out…. why work and carry heavy wood if you can just lay around looking cute all day?!

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