7 months vs. 3 months….

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Ok, so I know that you shouldn’t compare your children against each other, but seriously, there are times you cannot help it. I mean when it comes to Owen at not even 3 months old wearing pjs that Ryan wore at 7 months old, how can you not compare?! Yes, these are 4th of July pjs and yes, I realize that it is November, but I had to prove that it was a pair of pjs Ryan wore at 7 months (he was born in December so in July he was almost 7 months).

Owen at almost 3 months old

Ryan at almost 7 months old (July 2007)

My not so little man has been growing like a weed. He is in 6 months clothes already and will be out of those before you know it. He isn’t really chunky; he’s just big. He’s long and well proportioned; just big. He looks like a 6 month old baby and the strange part is that he acts like a 6 month old baby. He loves to play; he has learned how to jump in his jumperoo; he sits in his bumbo already; he interacts with toys and knows how to make them play music and light up. Truly, you would never guess this little guy to be not even 3 months old yet.

Ryan loves to play with Owen.
In this pic Ryan is having his breakfast next to his little bro.

Owen is very focused and determined to figure this toy out. He loves to sit in his bumbo and kick the bright green feet shapes to make the balls go around and around.
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