Trick-or-Treating…. Successful!

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Trick-or-treating was a HUGE success. Ryan absolutely had a blast and did not want to stop. Unfortunately, Owen was getting tired and hungry so the night had to come to an end, but it was so much fun. Ryan is at such a great age for all of the holidays now.

We hit the neighborhood with Ryan’s girlfriend, Addie. They were Superman and Superwoman which was so cute. The first house we went to, Ryan and Addie knocked on the door and when the opened it Ryan proceeded to walk right into the house and started playing with their toys. It was hilarious. He had absolutely no idea what he was suppose to do, but he was on a mission when he caught a glimpse of the room full of toys. It was too funny!

After that, he got the hang of it and Ryan and Addie would run to the next house, knock and Ryan would say, “Tick Teat” and hold out his pumpkin. If they let him choose a piece of candy, he typically only took one and always went for the lollipop. Unfortunately, we came home with a pumpkin full of lollipops and not much of the candy mommy and daddy like.

After several hours of knocking on doors we were about to call it a night when we ran into Mac and his family. So we were off to a few more houses which of course Ryan loved! The two boys had a great time together, but then Owen started to get hungry and crabby so we had to call it a night.

Once we came in, Ryan dumped his candy all over the floor and just looked at it. He picked out one lollipop and thoroughly enjoyed every last piece of it. Mommy told him that he couldn’t get up and walk with the lollipop so everytime the doorbell rang, he would hand me the lollipop (all sticky and drippy) and run to the door with daddy. As soon as he gave out the candy to the trick-or-treaters, he would run back to me for the lollipop. It was so cute.

We finally turned off our lights and relaxed in front of the fire before hitting the bed after a very successful and fun night of trick-or-treating.

We took a lot of video so I’m sure we’ll be posting some of that soon. Also, be sure to check out all of our Halloween photos at the link under About Us (Yahres Family Photos).

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