Even Superman Needs to Refuel….

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Our neighborhood had its annual Halloween parade and pizza party last night. Grandad and Grandmom came down from Big Canoe to see the boys all dressed up and to participate in the fun. Ryan LOVES his Grandad and was so excited for him to be here. Ryan, of course, played the shy-guy for a bit, but quickly overcame that and was Grandad’s side kick for the night.

After the parade, Ryan (aka Superman) enjoyed a slice of pizza and refueled for his evening of fun with Grandad and Grandmom.

Our little giraffe (aka Owen) also enjoyed the parade and Halloween festivities. He looked so cute in his little outfit and just chilled while checking everyone out.

Daddy made a super yummy dinner for everyone. We had boneless pork ribs from the crockpot and another homemade “pump-min” pie for dessert. We won’t get into the story about pumpkin pie on the ceiling, but I will mention that daddy cleaned up the entire kitchen (several times) before the day was over. And we all enjoyed his delicious dinner!
After dinner Ryan brought Grandad about 100 books to read and being the good sport that Grandad is, he read most of them even if Ryan was distracted by the balloons on the ceiling and wasn’t listening to the actual story. Ryan also put on a good show singing Elmo’s song to everyone and dancing. He was in rare form last night. It could have been that it was about 2+ hours past his normal bedtime, but he was having so much fun that we couldn’t put him down for the night.
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