Homemade Pump-min Pie….

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The other night daddy and Ryan decided to make homemade pumpkin pie. Yep, that’s right, homemade pumpkin pie. They scraped out all the “goop” in the pumpkin and they made the pie from scratch. Well not completely from scratch since the pie crust was fresh from the frozen section at Publix, but they made the hard part, the pie itself from scratch.

Ryan LOVES pumpkin pie. Or as he calls it “pump-min pie.” Every night after dinner (and some nights before dinner he politely asks for some “pump-min pie” and points at the fridge.
We also discovered another family member who likes “pump-min pie.” This particular family member doesn’t ask for it though, she just helps herself to it if it happens to be sitting on the kitchen counter. Yep, that’s right… Delta loves pumpkin pie too. After having herself a bad week — she ate the homemade chicken pot pie from the counter as well as the cheesy chicken enchiladas another night. And of course, the piece of pumpkin pie. She found herself spending the day outside. I’m not sure you’d really call this “punishment” though since she looked like she thoroughly enjoyed herself on such a sunny day. Oh well.
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