Owen Doing Time…

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Tummy time that is….
Everyone tells me I have such big blue eyes, but I just don’t see it…

I’ve been enjoying this rainy day playing with mommy today. I know she has to start working next week and I’m dreading not having her attention 24/7. I know she’s dreading it just as much though so I’ll try not to give her too hard of a time about going back. I’m also trying to sleep a little more at night. I can now make it from about 10pm until 3am which seems to make mommy happy and a little less crabby. Although I haven’t been going back to sleep after my 3am feeding so that’s been entertaining. The house is pretty quiet in the wee hours of the morning so I like to stir things up and play a bit.

Can you believe I’m 8 weeks old today? Where has the time gone? To date, I love to coo and smile and watch my fishies spin around on my aquarium bouncer. I love when my big brother gives me attention and I love even more when daddy slicks my hair back. I smile and coo when he does this. Mommy is always trying to make my hair lay flat, but dad’s cool and slicks it back up for me. I think I look like a little stud muffin with it sticking straight up on my head; the ladies flock to me just to touch it. Aaaaahhhhh….. already a ladies man.

Love, Owen

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