Ryan's Night Out, Owen's First Babysitter and Daddy's Big Surprise…

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Owen had his first babysitter last night so that Ryan could enjoy a “date” night with mommy & daddy. We took him to an Atlanta Thrasher’s hockey game and he had a blast!

Thanks to mommy’s contact at Philips Arena Ryan enjoyed some great seats in the club section. He even wore his little Thrasher’s jersey to show his team spirit. The game started at his normal bedtime so the little party animal ended up staying awake until after 10pm with no temper tantrums. It was a miracle!!

Daddy also enjoyed a special surprise experience when he found out that he was the zamboni rider after the second period. Mommy had planned this months ago and surprised daddy with this once in a lifetime experience. Not everyone can say they’ve riden on the zamboni! Mommy just keeps reminding him that not all hockey games will bring this great of seats and a ride on the zamboni…

Owen’s night was a little less eventful with a bottle and normal bedtime at the sitter’s house. We were told that he enjoyed an evening walk and was a great little baby. He is just over 7 weeks old now and growing like crazy. He was 12 pounds 14 ounces at his one month check and I’m guessing he’s now over 14 pounds. He has already outgrown alot of his clothes and is now in the 3-6 month sizes (and quickly outgrowing those!).

He is very alert and smiles and coos all day. He has his fussy time from about 7pmish until 8pmish, but otherwise is very good. He loves his big brother even when Ryan is trying to shove a paci in his mouth or cover him with a blanket. Ryan loves to help take care of Owen and when Owen cries, you hear “No-no Owee” “No crine Owee”

Ryan is very protective of Owen and doesn’t like any of the kids at daycare to get too close to him or touch him. He pushes everyone away from him. And while we don’t encourage pushing and hitting, it’s sweet that he’s so protective of his little bro.

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